Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dance Stanford Class

Nothing gets my five year old students more revved up for the day, out of control hyper, than a little song and dance time.

Our previous supervisor handed out CDs labeled "Pop Songs" to us teachers,  under the auspice of making our lessons more fun for the elementary school students. I'm convinced that is was actually so the Korean teachers could teach the kindergarten students cute dance routines.

To fill your cuteness quota for the day, here's my class, Stanford class, doing their best Dancing Queen. Bear with my off key vocals in the background. I can't take credit for teaching them the routine; that's all Hannah teacher. I wonder if this is what ABBA imagined when they recorded this song.

Untitled from Shane Ebel on Vimeo.


  1. lol -- That is too stinking cute!! Those kids must be a blast to work with. :-)

  2. They are! Sometimes too cute !