Monday, March 21, 2011

On Display at the Trick Art Exhibit

Ahead of me, tiny Korean toddlers dong-shim a replica Renaissance female reclining nude.               Around a corner, a couple kneels on a magic carpet, arms spread wide. To my left, red wine poured by a two dimensional Greek god is caught by a teenager in a two dimensional wine glass. 

By the time we've finished our tour of the exhibit a couple hours later, we've seen a Korean dad sprout a 'fro and a nun ascend to heaven.

The place was fun. Like, really amusing. Old fashioned silliness, when adults can just act like kids again. Shane and I, along with our friends Jen and Lee, have become part of the exhibit, watching and being watched. File this one under random adventures. 


  1. Thank you Michelle! We had a great time, wish Wisco had a show like this for a bit!