Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Typical Korean Van?

Wow, that is one gigantic Korean van.
Wait, maybe it isn't.
Is that a picture of an octopus?
What is going with this thing?
Woah, Joey Lawrence!
There's a dude in the back of this micro van.
What is he doing?
He's making Octopus Balls also known as "Takoyaki."
They are a batter based snack that get filled with pieces of octopus, green onion, picked ginger, and tempura. They get covered in a sweet sauce and a spicy sauce, and then dusted with flakes of dried bonito fish (kind of tastes smoked trout). Sounds weird, really weird. I admit it.
But they tastes delicious.
Thank you micro-van. You make sea-food dreams come true.

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