Sunday, October 24, 2010

Radio On

In my last post, I mentioned that while soaking up PIFF Square's flavor, Shane and I were invited to talk on the radio about our experiences at the film festival; they were looking for a foreigner's point of view. Because the station, 90.5 e-fm, is close to our apartment, because the time worked out with our teaching schedule, and because it sounded just plain fun, we agreed to Kimee's request. The next morning, we met up with her at the subway stop, and she walked us to the KNN building, home of the e-fm studios.

When we got inside the station, Kimee introduced us to the program's host, DJ Donna, and her boss, the station director. They made us feel welcome, briefed us on the program, and we waited for our ten minutes of fame.

Once inside the studio, we cozied up to the mics, and let DJ Donna run the show. I have to compliment her skills! She kept the show flowing, asking top three about PIFF and asking how we were liking Busan so far. She played a few songs between pieces of conversation. Which? Hangin' Tough, of course, by New Kids on the Block, so I got to tell Busan about how I went to their concert when I was little. She also played a Michael Jackson song.
We left the studio feeling confident and satisfied. Also, they gave us gift bags with handkerchiefs, travel coffee mugs, and pens. Not just any pens, but the ones that are three colors in one (red, black, and the third was actually a mechanical pencil).
We walked to school feeling very excited. For the rest of the day we got to tell our friends of our adventure with DJ Donna, and brag about the New Kids On the Block song.


  1. Rose, your posts make me smile. I'm glad you guys are having fun! :)

  2. so cool! glad you guys happened upon such a random opportunity! - mrb

  3. Thank you for reading! I love your comments. Random opportunities abound here it seems.