Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A Week In, A World Away, The Great Adventure Begins...

From the beginning of our relationship, Shane and I have dreamed of moving away, of seeing the world. September 2010 sees our goal realized, as the dust from our immigration to South Korea settles. Our first week has been exciting, as we experience the world from a fresh point of view. As we walk through the bustling concrete streets, we have been reminded again and again to not ask why, but why not. Our flight, on Asiana Airlines, was spacious and spectacularly uneventful. I wish I had snapped a picture of the flight attendants, as we were both struck with their beauty and immaculate uniforms. On the plane, we ate our first Korean meal, Bib-im-bop with kimchi, fruit, and red pepper paste. We arrived in Seoul at 5 am, while the expansive airport was nearly deserted. We grabbed a few quick snacks-- a Hite mini beer for Shane and drinkable apple yogurt for me, and waited for our short flight into Busan. A few hours later we arrived in the city we will call home for the next year. Immediately after being picked up at the airport by our boss Mr. Won, we were whisked to the SLP Language Institute where we will teach for the next year. The school is very nice, clean, and fairly well organized. More to come on school later. After brief intros and a tour, we were taken to a hospital to have a health check for immigration-- a physical which may have surpassed any physical I ever got in the U.S. We were seen immediately and underwent a hearing, eye, blood pressure, blood sample, urine sample, and chest xray. After we were deemed sufficiently healthy, we were finally brought to our apartment building and allowed to sleep.

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