Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Country Roads Took Us Further from Home

After dinner at the raw fish house with the rest of the staff from SLP Language Institute, our group rambled over to a nori bang (pronounced nor-ee-bong), for some good old fashioned Korean fun, karaoke. More specifically, karaoke in a small room that holds only your friends, with plenty of beer, snacks, and off-key voices to go around. The nori bang's catalog listed both English and Korean songs. Mr. Won and Bryan (a fellow English teacher) kicked things off with a rousing rendition of John Denver's Country Roads. Eventually, most everyone got up and sang a tune or two, Shane picking Rock You Like a Hurricane(video below),and myself Tubthumpin' it up. If you can make it pastShane's sort of drunk singing in the video, you'll have a good view of what the nori bang room looks like.

That night was probably also the first time I have been
exposed to what is one of the best things about Korea so far--- K-Pop. Some of my favorite songs from the night were "Bo Peep", "Bad Girl, Good Girl", and "Nobody But You". Very catchy songs, terrible to get stuck in your head.


  1. hahahahaha thats awesome!!!


  2. the stories, the pictures, the video - all awesome! thanks for keeping us up-to-date on your incredible adventure!!

    hugs to you both!