Monday, October 31, 2011

Ultimate Hanbok Fashion

Korea's fall harvest holiday is Chuseok (추석), and it's come and gone twice now since Shane and I arrived on the peninsula. Based on the lunar calendar, Chuseok 2011 happened mid-September. Though we didn't celebrate (saving the feast for Thanksgiving, North American style), we did get to enjoy a fashion show. Our kindergarten students dressed up in their finest  traditional hanbok (한복) and strutted their stuff through the auditorium. Most of these kids would later don their hanbok again later that weekend for traditional bowing ceremonies to their grandparents. Here are some highlights from the fashion show:

One of Shane's six year olds, who, because of the age
system difference, is probably actually a young five.
Two very sweet girls from Cornell class. Cornell class just
started with us about two months ago, so they're really
absorbing a lot of English right now.

All of the kiddos, plus Jenny Teacher.
We sort of got them all looking in one direction. For like half a second.
Me and Hannah Teacher with the Stanford class.
I love these kiddos. I swear they are happy,
just terrible at smiling for photos.
Shane and Hannah's Emory class. They're the top dogs at SLP,
being in their third year of English study. Next year they go to first grade.
Amy in her pink hanbok. She's such a smartie!
Lily, who never smiles, but is one of
the sweetest, cutest little girls.

Alice. This girl is full of spit and vinegar and is totally in
love with Shane Teacher. She's so awesome and plays lots
of pranks on me, like hiding behind the door. Every day.

Grace. She once told me, "Wait a minute teacher, I'm busy right now."
Bless her for the laughter she provides! She also likes to reply,
 "Yeah, yeah, yeah, teacher."  Who taught her this stuff?

Andy and Eric, the dynamic twin duo. These are two really smart cookies.
Like, they finish their worksheets before I even finish
handing everything out. They tell me every week the spelling list is too easy. 
Alex in his fancy purple hanbok. He's a superstar.
Loves Transformers and his new pet birds,
Rio and Blue Parrot.

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