Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cherry Blossoms Next Door

These photos were taken at Oncheonjang Stream, a stretching park running just outside our door. As the cold winter faded to spring, we waited while the cherry trees prepared themselves for the blossom filled spectacle that would stick around for nearly two weeks. What a gift.

The blossoms hug each side of the park. Makes the wide space feel cozy. 

You can't see all the letters in the picture, but the bushes spell out
Yeonje-gu, the name of our neighborhood.

The air was fragrant, and reminded me of lilacs bushes back stateside.

The blossoms called for a giant festival, of course. Festivities included throwing sticks in buckets,
advertising models spinning prize wheels, opera recitals, and dozens of food carts all
selling the same deep fried but now cold food. It was much more fun than it sounds. Really.

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