Saturday, January 22, 2011

Faster Than a Speeding...

 On a crisp December morning, two travelers set out from Busan Station in search of adventure in the north. We watched the giant neon ticker for our signal to board. Efficiency is everything at this train station, and punctuality is key. We  climb onto our train and find our seats.
This shiny high speed rail would take us from Busan to Seoul at the opposite end of the country in just two and a half hours. Before the KTX began crisscrossing Korea in 2004, the same trip between the two largest cities in Korea took more like five and a half hours. Though more expensive than slower trains to Seoul, the KTX was comfortable and quiet and fast. Though we spent a considerable amount of time under tunnels, the trip afforded us some great views. Here's our highlight reel:
Riding the KTX
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  1. we really enjoyed that!! Hillel wants "more peetchers mommy"! he's yelling it, though, because he doesn't get yelled at for talking too loud.