Monday, December 06, 2010

Convenience Store Raid Series: Let's Get Crunky

When foodies talk Korean cuisine, traditional dishes like kimchi, bibimbap, tteokbokki, and gimbap are mentioned. Deservedly so, as these Korean dishes are highly underrated and all too unknown in the western diet. 
We’re pushing all that aside and taking the low brow approach in a series we’re calling Convenience Store Raid. We’re after the cheap plastic bottled drinks and foil wrapped foods from the mini-marts plunked every hundred yards down the street. 
First installment: the Crunky Bar, made by (you guessed it) corporate behemoth Lotte. After the Crunky kept catching our eyes on every shelf, Shane and I decided it would be fun to buy every Crunky variety in the store.

The Crunky is like a much better version of the Nestle Crunch Bar. Crunky features the same puffed rice scattered in milk chocolate that the Crunch Bar has, but Crunky’s puffed rice has a toasted taste that makes Crunky a divine choice for milk chocolate lovers. Our resounding favorite variety was Premium Crunky, a tiramisu flavored, less crispy style. Actually, all the other types of the candy bar-- Standard Crunky, Individually Wrapped Crunky, Cube Crunky, and Fancy Wrapped Crunky-- tasted exactly the same. Brilliant marketing to sell the same product in a bunch of different shapes. 
Oh Crunky. We’ll be back for you.

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